Self Heating Knee Support Pad from Living Social – Ireland

€6 (from Ugoagogo) for a self heating knee support pad, or €10 for two Ease aches and pains with one or two ‘self-heating knee pads’. Features a quality tourmaline pad. Produces heat after 20-30 minutes of being placed on the knee Can be worn under clothes Helps soothe pain, one

40 ‘Crystal’ Gold Collagen Eye Masks from Living Social – Ireland

€4.99 instead of €85.48 (from Forever Cosmetics) for a set of 40 ‘crystal’ gold collagen eye masks – treat your peepers and save 94% Rejuvenate your peepers with 40 ‘crystal’ gold collagen eye masks. That’s 20 pairs! Aims to help rejuvenate the appearance of tired under-eye skin. Simply place under